Welcome to your new adventure in Hypnosis!

The realm of the subconscious mind is an amazing one and hypnosis is a safe and marvelous way to explore it. I would love the opportunity to be your personal tour guide as you set upon your journey of self- discovery.

One of the first questions you may be asking yourself is, "What can hypnosis do for me?"

Hypnosis is a safe and drug-free approach for helping with

Stress and Anxiety     Pain Relief     Herpes     Fears and Phobias

Children and Teens     Sleep Problems     Weight Reduction     Smoking/Tobacco Habit

Alcohol Dependency     Athletic Performance     Diabetes

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I've been helping people use hypnotic principles to quickly feel better since 2003 and you will find that our time together is one of the best things you have ever experienced!

Please enjoy this free audio I created to help you relieve stress and tension

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