Your Hypnotic Day

Imagine a day dedicated to your improvement. You arrive at my comfortable office in Anacortes, WA, and we spend the next two hours immersed in an amazing hypnotic exploration of what it is that you want, desire and deserve.

We take a break for lunch, enjoying healthy fare from one of Anacortes' fabulous eateries. (Cost is included in your session fee.)

After lunch, we return for two more powerful hours of hypnotic positive change. By the end of our time together, you leave a different, enhanced person than when you arrived.

This intensive hypnosis experience is ideal for:

  • stress and anxiety reduction

  • fears and phobias resolution

  • weight loss and eating issues

  • feelings of being stuck in life

  • general self empowerment

  • habit change

The cost for this special day: $700   

Additional sessions, if desired, are available at a reduction of normal fee of $200 per session.

Contact me now to book Your Day.