Quit Tobacco Use with Hypnosis

Congratulations, you are ready to kick the habit! 

Hypnosis has been clinically proven to be more successful than pharmaceutical devices, such as pills or patches. It is quick, painless, perfectly safe and affordable.
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Before we continue further, I have some questions for you:

1. Are YOU the one who wants you to quit smoking or using tobacco? This is very important. If you are thinking of becoming a non-tobacco user due to pressure from others in your life and you are not ready to give up that unhealthy habit, then hypnosis may not be the answer for you at this time.

2. Do others in your home smoke? Starting a new, healthy life as a non-tobacco user can be difficult when you are surrounded by reminders of that old habit. If you have a strong desire to quit, you can do it, but be prepared for the extra challenge.

3. Have you thought about how your life will be different once you are free? Often, people think only about "losing" their best friend, cigarettes or chew/dip, and how stressful that will be. Instead, spend some time imagining all the positive aspects of being free forever, back in control!

4. Are you ready? Are you finally ready to get rid of that unhealthy and disgusting habit? Are you ready to make a commitment to a life of better health and happiness?


Hypnosis is not a magic trick wherein you go to sleep and wake up spontaneously changed into a non-tobacco user, although many people do feel immediate shifts in the way that they feel about smoking. There are a number of things that will happen when you come to see me. They include:

  •         You tell me about yourself, your health and your smoking habit
  •          I tell you about hypnosis; what it is and what it is not
  •          You get to experience the wonderful and relaxing feel of a hypnotic state
  •          I teach you how to achieve this relaxed feeling anytime you wish
  •         We go back in time to your first tobacco experience and approach it from a more mature point of view
  •          We disconnect or reassign the emotional components that make you smoke
  •          We examine the triggers that make you reach for tobacco and assign different, healthy reactions
  •          We make sure all parts of yourself are in agreement to becoming a non-tobacco user
  •         You make the choice to give up tobacco forever
  •          We test-drive your new non-smoker self
  •          You feel energized, motivated and ready to start your new life as a non-smoker! This process lasts approximately 2 hours or so. It takes about 72 hours for the tobacco toxins to leave your body, during which you need to drink enough water and boost your vitamin C and calcium intake (oranges are great for this!).
  •         I provide you with a CD recording to reinforce the work that we have done, which will also afford you daily relaxation and boost your healing process.
The cost of this Smoking/Tobacco Cessation program is $500.00. I accept cash, credit cards and personal checks.

This program offers up to three individual sessions. You may opt to quit smoking on the first session and use the others to support your choice of becoming smoke-free, or we may use the first session to prepare you for quitting, using a second session for that specific task. The choice is yours!

Bonus! Since 2003, the IRS allows a 100% tax credit for expenses paid for hypnosis for tobacco cessation. Ask me how you can file for your tax credit.

When you are ready to Free Yourself, give me a call: I'll be happy to help you!

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