Improve your sleep with hypnosis!

Poor sleep experience has been linked to a multitude of problems, including challenged cognitive abilities, weight gain, depression, reduced sex drive, premature aging and other serious health risks.

If you have been trying to think your way out of your sleeping difficulty, you might notice that this even makes things worse! This is due to the fact that sleep is primarily managed by the subconscious, which is the realm of hypnosis. Trying to use your conscious thoughts to fix this type of problem is like attempting to make corporate change by going to the need to access the CEO!

Interestingly, better sleep is a common side effect of engaging in hypnosis. By visiting this very natural, "rest and digest" state of being, the brain's neural pathways begin to re-wire toward more enhanced sleeping patterns, including not only being able to fall asleep more easily, but staying asleep and enjoying a restoring night's rest.

The use of sleep medications may have created a dependency and require a "weaning off" while you make the transition to natural, enhanced sleep. Be sure to consult your doctor before changing any medication use.

Whether you struggle with long term insomnia or occasional bouts of sleeplessness - I can help you find relief. Many clients find improvement in as short as one or two sessions! A hypnosis recording CD is provided to support practice of what you experience in hypnosis with me.