What are the benefits of working with kids in therapy and hypnosis? How do you locate child clients? How do you create rapport with children? What interventions are safe and effective for young people? How does story telling help a kid help himself? These questions and more are answered in this book written for clinicians and hypnosis practitioners alike.


The world of children is an incredible one, but unfortunately it may not always be a happy or comfortable one. Nathan Welch, an innovative child and family therapist, and Kelley T. Woods, a passionate pediatric hypnotist, meld their unique backgrounds and experience in this creative and practical guide to helping children.


Applying principles of Contextual Hypnosis, this book clearly explains how to utilize narrative therapy and other mindful-based approaches such as ACT, along with how to practice in a systemic manner. With Secrets of the River, the authors take pediatric therapy and hypnosis to a modern place that is in sync with today’s children and families.

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