Hello, Peers and Colleagues! Why should you join me in Seattle: October 23-25, 2014 for an awesome EMPOWERING WOMEN training?

Does the chance to make your own intro video for your website AND get a free professional headshot sound appealing? Richard, Roger and I will be providing these opportunities on the Bonus Thursday to the first 25 people who register (space is limited, sorry).

We will be sharing my practical and proven tips, perspectives and approaches for specifically helping your female clients!

We will also be having a blast and Seattle is a wonderful city...

PS - If cash flow is an issue, why not use the PayPal pay-as-you-go option? It works great!

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Experienced hypnosis practitioners: join the new wave of mindful hypnotists!

If you are interested in becoming a HOPE Coach, check us out. I'm available to talk to you about our program and how it can help you enhance your hypnosis practice. Hope is Realistic!