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Are You Stuck in The Gambling Trance?

Stop struggling and feeling bad about yourself. Does it surprise you to learn that even intelligent, ethical and otherwise healthy people can fall into a gambling trap?

It's true - the addictive nature of gambling, and slot machines in particular, entrains the brain similarly to how alcohol and drugs do. And like with the use of those drugs, some people can steadily move into a problematic state of dependency or addiction.

Why Do People Gamble?

Many people gamble for the fun of it. Some hope for financial gain. Others use gambling as a means of escaping reality, especially if they suffer from excess stress, anxiety or depression.

Countering loneliness and isolation is another reason you might head to a casino, where you can be in the company of people who share your interest without having to actually interact with them.

Signs that you may have a gambling problem:

Affects Family & Other Relationships                              Gambling Increases

Absent for Blocks of Time                                                          Lies to Obtain Money

Tries to Stop, But Can’t                                                                Chases Losses

Restless, Irritable if Not Gambling                                      Unable to Pay Bills

Preoccupied with Gambling                                                      Increased Depression/Anxiety    

Commits Illegal Acts to Get Money                                    It’s No Longer Fun

How Hypnosis Can Help

Once you understand how The Gambling Trance is a hypnotic trap, it makes sense that using that same mechanism, Hypnosis, can lead you out of that trap. During a series of customized sessions, I help you identify the influences that got you into trouble, design solutions that will address what you really need and help you make the internal and external shifts necessary to become free.

My program is comfortable and pain-free. You will quickly begin to recoup the money you blew gambling, along with your sense of self-esteem and well-being! Call me for more information. Kelley 360-333-8577