2018 Training Schedule

I am presenting at the following events:

January 24-28, 2018     Brazil Hypnosis Conference    Belo Horizonte

February 24-25, 2018   Virtual Hypnosis Convention   Online

March 12-13, 2018     ICBCH Medical Hypnotherapy Certification    Las Vegas, NV 

April 20-22, 2018          DuolaGivers Certified End-of-Life Training     Seattle, WA

June 4, 2018      Pediatric Hypnosis Course          Las Vegas, NV

August 24-27, 2018       HypnothoughtsLive2018        Las Vegas, NV

September 22-23, 2018      Scottish Hypnosis Convention   Stirling

November 2-4, 2018    UK Hypnosis Convention    London

February 25-27, 2019  HPTI Hypnosis Convention   Las Vegas, NV

I am available to speak to your group on a variety of topics, including:

  • Stress Relief
  • Creative Enhancement
  • Athletic Improvement
  • Improving Focus and Motivation
  • Pain Control
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Relationships/Teamwork

Presentations involving hypnotic strategies, simple and easy techniques for life enhancement and experiential demonstrations are fun and entertaining. We can customize for any age and interest group!

Contact Kelley at 360-333-8577 for details.