NEW OFFER FOR TEENS!! If your teen is under 18 years of age and wants help stopping smoking or vaping, call me! My regular 3-session program for this service is $500 but I'm offering it for teens at a greatly reduced rate: $100. That's it - no add-ons, up-sells or any other marketing nonsense. Because I care.

Solutions for Your Kids

Life is not always a bowl of cherries for the younger members of our world. Kids often struggle with problems such as self-doubt, fear and anxiety. 

The good news is that most children live in a constant "trance-like" state, filled with daydreaming and other powerful manifestations of their creative imaginations.

Hypnosis is the perfect modality for utilizing that state and empowering children to help themselves. They love the rituals of hypnosis, whether it's a magnetic finger lock or an arm levitation and respond quickly and enthusiastically in our sessions.

Childhood problems that hypnosis can address include excess stress, anxiety, sleep issues, bedwetting, nail biting, thumbsucking, fear and phobias, and poor eating habits. Improving study and test taking abilities, enhancing athletic performance and improving social skills are also beneficial results of hypnosis.

Clinical hypnosis can also help with pain control and healing. In fact, if you have a child who is suffering you may find my E-Book, Pediatric Pain Relief extremely helpful. I am also available to travel to areas within NW Washington to help your child. Contact me for details.

In addition, if a child has suffered a loss of some type, hypnotherapy can help them with the grief process.

Learning to navigate the world they are entering is an important step in growing up. I help children discover that they can be in control of how they feel, physically and emotionally.

If you have a child who is struggling with a problem, please call me.  I'd love to help change their world...Kelley