One of the most powerful benefits of using hypnotic principles in life is an increase in Emotional Intelligence – the ability to sense and understand not only one’s own emotions, but also those of other people and even animals. Additionally, being able to respond appropriately to these inner senses affords us autonomy over reactions, behavior and overall mindset.

Those of us who practice mindful hypnosis regularly find that we live with a certain attunement of attention that is not only manageable, but controllable. We have keen awareness that self control is available only through power of choice and automatically seek out options that best suit a situation, no matter how challenging.

Here’s a personal example:

A few years back, as I waited for a client in my hypnocave, my neighbor came running in, shouting that someone had not only crashed into my parked car, they had left the scene (but he got the license plate number). I stood up, went outside to inspect the damage, called the police who arrived promptly and provided the officer with the necessary information.

This took about 15 minutes, following which I returned to my office to prepare for my client who was due to arrive shortly. At this point, it suddenly occurred to me that at no time during this experience had I been feeling any stress. No worry, no anxiety, no resentment or anger. I had automatically moved into a state that allowed me to take care of business.

Even better, I was now in the best state of being to work with my client who needed me to be out of my own head. It was an epiphany to realize that, after often trying to control my emotional reactions (and my physical ones, because the body is always responding to our thoughts and feelings) I had now experienced a helpful automatic response. This was a response that helped me move clearly and calmly through the required tasks without leaving any lingering negative residue!

This experience demonstrated to me that I had been successful in raising not only my Emotional Intelligence, but what I have coined as my Hypnotic Intelligence (HI). From that time on, I think about HI often, especially if I notice myself using it (although it’s mostly beneath conscious radar and what I notice more are the results of its use) or when working with clients who are lacking in this ability and need my help.

Readers who are familiar with meditative and mindfulness practice recognize what I am referring to here. Staying out of stuck states that are anchored in the past or suspended into the future and instead being in the moment allows us to embrace life in a more pleasant and effective manner. Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to help retrain the mind and body to be more present. Hypnosis offers a wide variety of tools that are customizable for the individual, incorporating visual imagery and indeed, all of the senses, along with the creative imagination.

When we guide ourselves (or a client) to imagine a different way to respond to life, we are laying down blueprints for using choice to achieve control. Creating new neural pathways takes advantage of neuroplasticity to expand the selection of choices and eliciting feelings of relaxation, comfort, or excitement triggers physiological responses in the body that takes advantage of bioplasticity. This all means that with these practices of intentional mindful hypnosis, channels are opened for healing and improvement on many levels.

And as a person responds positively with increased comfort, improved sleep, behavioral control, etc., their Hypnotic Intelligence also responds and grows. They gain a deeper awareness of the power of their mind to affect all areas of their life experience. Once that veil is lifted, everything changes. Perhaps that is also why I consider myself more of a “de-hypnotist”; waking people up to the incredible abilities they possess!