All of your feelings are important. They have a message to relay to you.

I like to use the comparison of feelings and emotions to the gauges of your dashboard on your car. If the oil light activates, you need to check your oil level. If the temperature gauge lights up, it's best if you make sure the water level of your radiator is adequate. If your "door open" light goes on, you might want to make sure you don't lose a passenger!

But, pulling into the nearest gas station and adding fuel to the gas tank does nothing to address any of the above issues. In fact, if the tank is already full, you may be in even bigger trouble!

And this is what people do when they address an emotional problem with an inappropriate response, whether it is by eating when not hungry, drinking or using other self-medication to find relief, or ignoring the message altogether.

Deep inside, you have all of the resources and knowledge you need to respond to what your feelings are telling you. If, for example, you notice that you are feeling lonely, you are experiencing a natural desire for human contact and you know there are different options for solving that. If you are feeling frustrated, you might realize that whatever you are doing is not working and that you need to try something else. If you are feeling depressed, this is a notice to get moving, to get involved and interested in something or someone else besides yourself.

All of your feelings are important. When you learn how to sort them out, how to interpret them and then discover that you have many options in dealing with them, life becomes much easier.

I can help you with this process. Hypnosis helps isolate and identify exactly what you are feeling, clearing your mind and assisting you in tapping into those intrinsic resources within you.