Incredibly, a report has just surfaced from the Pacific Northwest that a woman has actually become herself! This strange occurrence came about after she visited certified hypnotherapist Kelley T. Woods, who has a private practice in Anacortes, Washington.

Jane Doe (name changed to protect privacy) explains, “I had struggled for years...just never really being myself. I tried all sorts of things, from doing Zumba, to joining a book club and even listening to New Age music...but none of it worked until I found Kelley.”

Many people suffer from not being themselves; in fact, this disorder has become rampant, especially in recent decades. The condition is suspected to be rooted in childhood pressures to conform to societal and even familial standards, relegating true identities to deep recesses. Some people are even unaware that they have NBO (Not Being Oneself) and can live prolonged, unhappy and dissatisfied lives with a total lack of awareness.

In Ms. Doe’s case, she suspected that something was wrong several years ago, after her children told her, “Mom, you’re not being yourself.” A prudent check with her husband and even her co-workers confirmed that she was indeed afflicted by this insidious issue.  She then began her long and expensive search for a cure and by the time she discovered hypnosis, she was at a desperate place.

“Jane was an ideal candidate for hypnosis,” asserts Ms. Woods. “She found that she spent most of her waking hours and even a large majority of her sleeping ones in a state of not being herself. Her symptoms included feelings of dis-ingenuousness  and betrayal, which interfered with having a real and healthy relationship with herself.”

After receiving a series of hypnosis sessions, Jane experienced a full recovery and now feels completely like herself. This has improved her life greatly and she looks forward everyday to seeing herself in her bathroom mirror. She is so pleased with how hypnosis helped that she has started a support group for NBO sufferers.

Hypnosis can help people who suffer from NBO – it is safe and drug free.