When I was a kid, my dad introduced me to my very own "worry" rock. I was about 6 and we were skipping stones on the beach when he reached down, found just the right stone and presented it to me. He showed me how to hold the stone in one hand and rub my thumb against it. He told me that if I were ever worried about something, I could just hold that stone and rub the concerns away.

Over the years, my dad and I have exchanged different worry stones. For his recent 88th birthday, I gave him a new worry stone that left a smile on his face for hours.

So it was with joy that I just received a batch of custom engraved "power" stones (one of the advantages of knowing an awesome gravestone maker) and the first quickly made its way home with a client. Prior to trance, I asked my client to peruse the selection and see which one appeals.

My client instantly chose "happy", tucking it safely in the palm of her hand. Later, I anchored the weight, feel or just the thought of that stone with feelings of contentment, security and happiness. A simple little gift that acquired the status of gold in my client's mind...