There's a little storm brewing in the weight-loss world...its name is: Hypno-Band.

When people first hear about a hypnotic, virtual version of gastric lap band surgery, they have a mixture of responses...incredulity, surprise, and then, intrigue. Could it really be true? Can a person be hypnotized into believing they have had a gastric band installed, resulting in weight loss, without all of the inherent risk of the actual surgery?

Well, I'm here to testify that this scenario is not only possible, I'm seeing it happen in my own practice. Since I became a licensed practitioner of the Hypno-Band last fall, I have witnessed amazing things happen! I combine this fabulous tool with my regular cognitive behaviour/hypnotic approach for weight loss to give my clients the extra boost they need to realize their dreams.

I've collaborated with my awesome photographer daugher, Marika Garland, to record my clients' progress...with before and after photos. How many heavy-set people have ever wanted to have their picture taken? We're venturing down new roads here...and I'm loving it!