Have you ever noticed, when you wake from sleep, that fraction of time just before you become consciously aware of who and where you are? It's only a tiny moment, but it feels just wonderful. Some people describe that feeling as Nirvana and spend many hours attempting to achieve it through prayer or meditation. It's really an absence of awareness of all of the busy-ness of our lives and it feels so safe, so peaceful.

But, then, you continue to awaken and your mind quickly fills with your daily to-do list. Time goes on and as you engage with life, bits of stress and tension begin to layer upon you. Perhaps you have a negative interaction with someone else or maybe it's just your own self critic that nags at you. Those little worries and concerns build up as your day continues. You may not even be cognizant of how they manifest in physical ailments: tightness in the jaw, neck and shoulders, a headache onset, stomach distress, etc.

This type of emotional toxicity is common in our culture. It's why so many people run to food, alcohol or drugs for relief. What if you could "re-boot" yourself during your day to feel just as fresh and clear as that first "Nirvana" moment? You can. It's easy. My colleagues, Michael Ellner and Alan Barsky created this simple 3 to 5 minute exercise to release toxic emotions and feelings:

1.Close and open your eyes... Inhale and exhale deeply... Now create a safe space in your mind and allow yourself to feel what ever is disturbing or upsetting - get in touch with the feelings and as you do make a fist with your right hand, release the fist.

2. Inhale, and exhale deeply and close and open your eyes.

3. Now picture yourself in your mind as follows: You are having a great hair day; You are at your ideal weight; Your skin is glowing with health; Your eyes are sparkling with confidence, and there is a big smile on your face - because your heart is happy, your mind is peaceful and your spirit is playful. Excellent—now enjoy those feelings as you make a fist with your left hand and release it.

4. Now inhale and exhale deeply and gently close and open your eyes. Okay, now count to ten and at the count of ten; make a fist with both hands at the same time. Now just relax and mentally count to five before opening your fists...Feeling better?
Now try to get in touch with the unwanted emotions and feelings.... Amazing huh? Enjoy this feeling for as long as you like...and remember to experience it often. You deserve it.