So you wake up with a dream lingering in your mind. What to do? Hurry up and get ready for the day, or take a few moments to review the dream? Most people choose to think about the dream only if it was a happy one, but it's the nightmares that are really important to ponder, as they are what dream experts call "venting dreams".

Dr. John Kappas, founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, says "Venting dreams are the most important to dream analysis since they represent events, traumas, doubts and fears that you are removing from your past and your present. They reflect what you no longer need to hold on to. They must always be recognized and accepted as a venting process, and not misinterpreted as having precognitive value. The purpose of venting is removal."

The next time you have a bad dream, remind yourself that you are venting. If you dream about someone you knew in elementary school or high school, you are releasing something from that period of your life – so you can feel good about that. Instead of getting up and stewing about it, you can say, "Whew. Glad I vented that!"