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Why Do Hypnotherapists Use Physical Relaxation Techniques?

Posted by Kelley Woods on Friday, July 22, 2016,

Although relaxation is not required for hypnotic states (think of accident victims, attendees of rock music shows, tribal drumming participants, athletes, etc.) there are several reasons why I might use a relaxation approach when you come in for hypnosis.

Relaxing the body feels good. Relaxation is pleasure. When muscle tightness and tension leave, circulation improves and comfort levels usually rise. Simply allowing the body to relax instigates what is known as The Relaxation Response.

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Hypnosis is a Substitute for Medical Marijuana

Posted by Kelley Woods on Saturday, September 3, 2011,
Recent statistics from the State of Colorado reveal that there is a big increase in the number of young males utilizing medical marijuana for such complaints as chronic pain, sleep improvement, relaxation and anxiety, among other uses. In fact, a large percentage of these patients are actually manifesting symptoms in order to qualify for their MM cards.

Understanding the power of the imagination to create and maintain physical conditions, I worry about these young men! The subconscious mind d...
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