Here’s my story...and I’m sticking to it! One Saturday night in late October, I went out dancing with a friend in my small town. I dressed up as a Forest Cat, borrowing my 90-year old mother’s fur ears and coyote tail. We had a great time at the dance but, around midnight as we were leaving, decided we were hungry. I drove up and down the main drag of town, looking for a place to eat.

Within a few blocks, flashing colored lights appeared in my rearview mirror. I pulled over and rolled down my window while asking my companion, a witch, to look in the glove box for the paperwork I’d need to present.

When the officer bent down and looked at me, his flashlight glaring into my eyeballs, he said, “I thought I pulled over a human!” We all giggled, and I said, “I’m a forest cat!”

“Well,” he said. “Just because you think you are a forest cat doesn’t mean you have nocturnal vision. You’re driving with your lights off.”

I was shocked! I was so hypnotically into my role of the evening that I had forgotten to turn on my headlights. I thanked the officer for letting me know and he let us go on our way.

When you live hypnotically, crazy things can happen. In fact, my son calls this, “living cinematically”, and he also has these amazing experiences. These are not things you can intentionally cause to happen, but things that seem to happen...usually involving interesting people, animals or places. But they occur because you are living in a way that invites them, paying attention in a very special way.

If you want to learn how to live hypnotically like me, let me know! I’m at expert level.