Nearly everyone has experienced feeling that the real battle lies within oneself. Perhaps you feel this when attempting to let go of an unwanted habit or make other positive changes and a part of you insists on undermining your success, despite your determination and will power.

What you need to understand is that that "sabotaging" part of you is really looking out for you! It is a component of your subconscious mind that was devised to fill a need at some time in your life. When these parts are created, they work faithfully for what is believed to be your benefit, despite conscious and rational objection.

In order to understand this dynamic, it is important to know that the conscious thought processes are comprised of rational intellect, where the subconscious processes contain the emotional and creative imagination processes. Guess which one usually wins?
You're right ~ the subconscious program will keep on playing, until it's convinced otherwise.

This is why it feels like you are sabotaging yourself when you fall off your diet or break other promises to yourself. It's disheartening and leads to negative impressions, which pushes you further away from your goals.

Hypnosis intervention can help you update those subconscious parts to really begin to work in congruence with your desires and dreams. Hypnosis is the medium for trance, which is the state wherein communication and agreement with the subconscious is possible.

Let me help you take that self-sabotaging feeling and change it through hypnosis!