I recently worked with a new client who drove more than 60 miles to come see me! This person wants help with some self perception issues and habit control. During intake, she specifically requested that we do not use hypnosis. She preferred that I use NLP with her, and explained that years ago, a relative had successfully removed a phobia of hers with an NLP process.

I told her that was wonderful; I love to work with people who have already experienced success with changing how they think and feel. I asked if she had any past experience with hypnosis and she went on to describe two separate occasions with psychologists that were dissatisfying to her. She stated that during each one, she felt relaxed but had no resolution to her problems.

I mentioned that of course I would honor her request to NOT use hypnosis, but I did want to mention that when a person is doing a remodel of their house, they might hire a fine contractor who has knowledge of construction and design but when it is time to do the electrical work, it's best to call in an expert in that area. I'm an expert in hypnosis, focusing only on that art, which includes NLP.

An hour later, my client happily exited, exclaiming that she felt like a new person and looked forward to our next appointment. I silently giggled. Hypnosis or NLP? I'm not sayin'!