Put Hypnosis on Your Holiday Wish List

November 7, 2019

As you grow older, the holiday season takes on a sense of urgency. Being no longer a child whose main concern is crafting a letter to Santa Claus, you may find your own list is probably comprised of an overwhelming concoction of shopping, cooking and baking, wrapping, decorating, card-writing, recital attending details...all to be completed while still maintaining a regular schedule of work, home and family care and/or school!

Add to the mix the prospect of getting together with relatives who might present uncomfortable personalities or behavior and it’s no wonder a lot of people sincerely dread the holidays. You may even have learned from your own parents how to become exceptionally stressed during this time of year; that there is no standard except for perfection or that the whole season is a waste of time and money. Our adult perceptions are often forged early in our life and can affect us unconsciously for decades.

Some of the ways our stress gets super-charged during the holiday season include:

·        financial worries; extra expenses strain the budget

·        improper nutrition; excess alcohol and sweets consumption

·        anxiety over impending get togethers and events

·        striving to get everything done in time

What if you were to step away from the habits of yesteryear, or even, last year? Take a moment and review your list of things you need or want to accomplish in the coming weeks. If you have not already done so, jot them down on a piece of paper and review them.

Are there some things you are willing to let go? Do you absolutely have to do everything on your list? Be honest with yourself about how vital it is to shampoo the carpet or shop for a gift for someone you hardly even know. Take a deep breath and let yourself feel good about crossing some of those unnecessary, stress-promoting items off of your list! Notice that your mind just gained a little extra space, some room to deal with the things that you not only need to do, but the things that you want to do.

Now, spend a few more minutes and on a fresh piece of paper, make your own wish list. Write down wishes you have that are related only to your personal needs. Be selfish, your subconscious mind is like a bright nine year old and it loves to be indulged in this way. Perhaps you might wish for a massage, a weekend getaway, some new running shoes or maybe you would be happy to receive a smile from a loved one...there are no rules or restrictions. You are only limited by your imagination, which is limitless!

In his book “The Alladin Factor”, Jack Canfield talks about the idea of finding a genie in a magic lamp who grants you three wishes. He then expands this wonderful proposal to not just three, but a hundred wishes! You can make your wish list as long as you wish; go crazy and think, dream if you like, of all of the things you would love to receive, create, experience and enjoy in your life.

Write these down and then stow your list away in a safe place. The act of hand writing such desires creates a profound process within your subconscious mind, directing it toward actualization and recognition of your desires. Take your list out periodically and check off the wishes you have received; you will find it quite amazing!

A qualified certified hypnotist can help you identify and manifest your wishes in wonderful ways.




The Great Eavesdropper

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December 17, 2017

One of the most beneficial side effects of engaging in hypnosis is, for many, improvement in the quality of sleep. Whether it is due to a “re-training” of conditioned sleep habits, or because bothersome issues are finally being dealt with, hypnosis can facilitate resolution of insomnia.

Research shows that chronic lack of sleep results in daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and cognitive impairment. People who do not get quality sleep actually wake in a stressed state which can accelerate throu...

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Remembering the New

October 26, 2017

Remembering the new...that's what a client did yesterday in my office. A young man, referred by his relative, came in for some help with anxiety. Frankly, he was somewhat skeptical that hypnosis could help and actually stated that he thought it was "weird".

I agreed with him, but then added that I enjoy weird stuff.

After talking for a bit, I asked him if he would like to know what it felt to NOT feel anxious. (He had stated that he couldn't remember a time when he hadn't.) He said that w...

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October 16, 2017

I love my clients...all of them; I appreciate their unique personalities and problems...each and every one. But sometimes, one particular person enters our life who is very special, who almost makes me feel like I should be the one paying them!

I had the joy of working with such a client; a spry 85 yr old woman who sought me out for pain relief. Recently, due to an increase in deaths due to prescription drug overdose, the powers-that-be have imposed restrictions on pain med usage, limiting...

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Hypnosis for Morning Sickness

October 7, 2017

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is once again pregnant and once again, is suffering from a condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a form of extreme morning sickness that may cause dangerous results such as dehydration, weight loss, temperature spikes, irregular pulse rate and jaundice. Women suffering with unrelenting cases of this affliction may even opt for therapeutic abortions.

Interestingly, there is evidence that this problem is largely reserved for more civilized soc...

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Potato, Potatoe, They both taste great!

September 21, 2016

I recently worked with a new client who drove more than 60 miles to come see me! This person wants help with some self perception issues and habit control. During intake, she specifically requested that we do not use hypnosis. She preferred that I use NLP with her, and explained that years ago, a relative had successfully removed a phobia of hers with an NLP process.

I told her that was wonderful; I love to work with people who have already experienced success with changing how they think an...

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Who, me, worry?

September 21, 2016

When I was a kid, my dad introduced me to my very own "worry" rock. I was about 6 and we were skipping stones on the beach when he reached down, found just the right stone and presented it to me. He showed me how to hold the stone in one hand and rub my thumb against it. He told me that if I were ever worried about something, I could just hold that stone and rub the concerns away.

Over the years, my dad and I have exchanged different worry stones. For his recent 88th birthday, I gave him a...

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Why Do Hypnotherapists Use Physical Relaxation Techniques?

July 22, 2016

Although relaxation is not required for hypnotic states (think of accident victims, attendees of rock music shows, tribal drumming participants, athletes, etc.) there are several reasons why I might use a relaxation approach when you come in for hypnosis.

Relaxing the body feels good. Relaxation is pleasure. When muscle tightness and tension leave, circulation improves and comfort levels usually rise. Simply allowing the body to relax instigates what is known as The Relaxation Response.

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A Little Change Can Do a Lot

June 26, 2016

I helped a man move away from his 45 year long cigarette habit. It took three hours, longer than most, because of the complexity of this person. At one point, as I was suggesting during the intake that he remove all smoking paraphernalia from his home and car, in addition to even moving the position of his "smoking chair" and end table, he sat upright and started laughing. He then told me this story:

When he was young, he got tangled up in the drug scene and found himself, a skinny white k...

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