Pace Away Pain by Kelley T. Woods 

The act of walking is therapeutic in itself; activating muscles and engaging in physical motion encourages the release of those feel-good chemicals that can help reduce the suffering of pain. Walking helps one pay attention to breath, reminding you to breathe fully and calmly.


As a student of karate, my feet take a beating. We work out on a wooden floor, barefoot. One day my feet were aching and cramping, making it very difficult to move through the exercises. During a rotation off the floor and onto some mats, I decided to use my hypnotic powers to relieve the pain. Within a minute or two, I had complete relief via this technique.


Try this fun and easy “walk” to pace away your pain:


Pick an area of the floor that is about four or five feet square and has no obstacles. Visualize a giant number “9” on the floor, paying attention to your breath. Take a nice deep, comfortable breath...release it and begin to walk the number, starting at the center of it. You can take even steps, you can place your feet heel-to-toe; whatever feels right for you.

As you near the “tail” of the “9”, imagine that it loops back and leads into an “8”. Keep your pace and circle through the loops of the “8”, enjoying the sensation of curving and breathing freely as you do so.

The “8” leads you to the top of a “7”, which brings you down into a “6”...and you are already feeling better. You might even smile as you experience this fun pacing exercise.

Let your feet walk along the numbers as they continue reducing...”5”, “4”, “3”...and does the “2” remind you of a swan? Drifting easily there, gliding gently along? You may even want to pace a couple of “2”s – because swans like to be in pairs, don’t they?

Eventually you can cease your pacing, when you are ready to notice that you are feeling so much better. You can walk away from your pain, now...stepping out straight and strong along that line of the “1”...ready to enjoy your day!


If you are able and it’s convenient, pace outdoors! Connecting with Mother Nature is wonderful and when we walk barefoot on earth or grass or maybe some soft moss, we absorb all of her beneficial properties of healing.

Not able to walk?! Not a problem: your creative imagination doesn’t differentiate between real and imagined. Take it for a spin and pace in your mind to a better place!