Many parents and caregivers are scrambling to keep kids at home engaged during this time. While there are lots of options for online learning and entertainment, not all of them are fascinating and effective. Some kids already struggled with issues of attention or anxiety problems, which now may even be heightened, leaving them feeling even more out of control.

Thrown into a new routine, disappointed with not being able to participate in extra-curricular activities, isolated from peers and, most importantly, digesting scary feed about what is happening in the world means that many young people are in a state of insecurity, even in the safety of their own home.

Prior to the corona virus pandemic, there has existed a dearth of mental health services for kids. Fewer people are entering the field due to the complicated nature of referrals, insurance reimbursement and, frankly, lack of interest and financial incentive. Trained, qualified hypnotherapists are available to fill in this gap. In many cases, hypnosis is a frontline intervention for deeper issues that may need medical treatment.

Rather than taking control of a child’s mind, hypnotherapists teach young clients how easy it is to regain control of their thoughts, feelings and behavior. Kids are fascinated with the idea of hypnosis and are already entrained to the screen (a hypnotic medium) and easily engage in playful hypnotic experiences that empower them while teaching them a valuable skill set. Adults often join in, learning tools and techniques to enhance their personal and family experience.

Hypnosis experts can help with a variety of challenges, including the stress and anxiety, but also pain relief, sleeping and eating issues, phobias, relationship improvement, learning and performance enhancement and more. Look for practitioners who have experience working with kids and subscribe to modern, interactive approaches.

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