photo by Matt Brown

Many of us have just spent several months sheltering at home. This has provided unprecedented time and space to think about our lives, our health, our relationships, our jobs, and more. Perhaps you are thinking about making some changes as a result of this shared experience.

Often, change is thrust upon us with little warning or consideration and we are forced to pivot. Sometimes, we get some choice in how we do that and this can give us a semblance of control. 

How do we know which choice is the right one?

Hypnosis is the perfect vehicle for trying on different choices. When engaging hypnotically with future possibilities, not only can you experience the practical aspects, you get to feel the emotions related to your choices. Your emotions are honest and don't lie to you; they'll let you know if what you are contemplating is a sound idea for you...or maybe not the right fit.

Whether you want to make personal or professional changes, include a hypnotherapy session in your transformation process! It's safe and affordable...and fascinating!