“You have everything you need to fix yourself.” This statement is misleading.

To start with, you are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. Yes, maybe things are not going the way you want them to on some level and you feel bad or even horrible. You are not broken, however. It’s more likely that some part of you is out of balance or in conflict, whether that is mental, emotional, physical or all of these.

Some pundits in the helping industry posit that a person “has everything they need to fix themselves”. This is often applied to a healing context. It implies that if you just dig deep enough, these magical solutions will appear. Even worse, it suggests that if you just were calm enough, forgiving enough, positive enough, these terrible things would not have visited you.

But what if you have never been exposed to or learned certain helpful concepts, mindsets or other resources? If they have not been embedded into your conscious awareness they may also have never been imprinted into your subconscious archives. You can chase any number of magical modalities, hoping that the light bulb will come on, but ultimately you will need further instruction.

Where do you gain that instruction? This is the crux of choosing a source that is not only reliable and trustworthy, but one that also resonates with you and your values. My primary job, as a hypnosis practitioner, is to help you learn and utilize resources in the ways that support you. These resources may be new to you. They may be ones that you already know of or even ones that you have forgotten. They will feel new and fresh to you when presented in the light of hypnosis.

For people that have limited inner resources, our work helps you create new awareness, new skills and models that will lift you past challenges. Imagine gaining a set of wings to help you transcend limiting thoughts, beliefs and sensations where you release any paradigms of feeling broken and embrace the knowledge that you are fine, just the way you are.

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