I read "The Aladdin Factor" written by Jack Canfield a couple of years ago. Its main focus builds off of the premise that, most of us, when presented with the promise of three wishes, wouldn't have a difficult time coming up with those wishes, but Jack then goes on to propose that instead of just three wishes, what would you do with one hundred wishes?!

When I read this, I was stymied. One hundred wishes?! That's just crazy! Or is it? I sat down with pen and paper and proceeded to create my list of one hundred wishes. Over the next few days I came back and added to it, edited it, and finally had what I thought was one hundred wishes of my very own.

A few days later, as Jack prescribed, I got the list out and reviewed it. Hmmmm, it seemed that several of the wishes had already been granted, even as I wrote them down. Some were rather general, some were more explicit, some were philanthropic, some were downright selfish, some were intangible, some involved wordly goods. I made the adjustments required and stashed the list away.

Time went on and I forgot my little list. Until one day, last Christmas, as my sister visited. We had struggled with getting along over something I have since forgotten and had not spoken for several weeks. We were re-connecting and enjoying each other's company when I suddenly remembered my list and began to tell her about it. She was interested and I ran to retrieve it from my dresser drawer. I began to read the wishes to her and as I did, I realized that many of them had become fulfilled in the ensuing year since I wrote it. We both laughed and were amazed as I checked off these wishes.

As I reached the 100th wish, I stopped and looked up at her, tears in my eyes. She looked alarmed and asked, "What is it?" I answered, "My last wish on this paper is...to love my sister". I checked that wish off.

So, make YOUR list of 100 wishes and watch as they come true.