Recent statistics from the State of Colorado reveal that there is a big increase in the number of young males utilizing medical marijuana for such complaints as chronic pain, sleep improvement, relaxation and anxiety, among other uses. In fact, a large percentage of these patients are actually manifesting symptoms in order to qualify for their MM cards.

Understanding the power of the imagination to create and maintain physical conditions, I worry about these young men! The subconscious mind does not differentiate between real and imaginary. Try it for yourself: imagine, for a moment, biting into a tangy, juicy lemon! Did you immediately salivate or even feel that weird tingle in your jaw? That's the super-charged power of thought facilitating physiological responses and it happens on an unconscious level, all the time.

The good news for people who might be concerned about using medical marijuana for addressing some of those mentioned issues is that hypnosis is an excellent substitute. Research shows that entering the "rest and digest" state of trance, even on a light level, promotes the release of the same feel-good chemicals that getting stoned on pot does!

Hypnosis is side-effect free, it's safe and it's legal. Beyond the initial consulting fee, hypnosis is a modality a person can use for free, for as long as they choose. A qualified hypnotist such as myself can teach you how to help yourself feel better.