The field of clinical hypnotherapy has been growing steadily over the past couple of decades, thanks to the dedication of numerous modern leaders in hypnosis. Moving the professional application of this healing modality out of the darkness of superstition and into the light illuminated by neuro and behavioral sciences has been a goal of many educated and experienced practitioners, including myself.

A vital facet of our profession’s growth involves educating the public about what hypnosis is – a platform that allows for self-discovery and change work most any person can use. Qualified hypnotists appreciate some specific values of hypnosis:

It is not just a craft or an art, it is a science backed by a plethora of evidence-based research

It is an instructional medium where clients are taught skill sets

It is a permissive collaboration between people with a mutual goal

It works quickly, creating shifts at deep levels of consciousness

It is personally empowering and fascinating to experience

Hypnosis is easily delivered via online sessions. Many practitioners have been doing so for years and are adept in not only using technology to provide hypnotherapy but in helping clients get comfortable in this setting. One of the best traits of hypnosis involves creating experiences that transcend time and space – within a short period of time, a client can forget to remember that they are sitting in front of a screen. In fact, this is simply the inherent nature of screen time; Hollywood coined the phrase, Suspending Disbelief, to describe how movies transport people into hypnotic states.

Utilizing a variety of hypnotic techniques, clients can become involved in experiences that provide them with physical and mental restoration, which is of great need during this time of increased stress and anxiety. They learn how to replicate moving their nervous systems into healing “rest and digest” states, along with how to calm their thoughts and emotions.

An online hypnosis session might be targeted toward specific goals such as improving sleep, reducing chronic pain or other unwanted sensations, changing eating, drinking or smoking habits, or even feeling less isolated. The realm of the subconscious mind is one that doesn’t differentiate between real and fantasy, so not only do hypnotic experiences feel real, they result in creating new, more helpful neural pathways that drive desired changes, often beyond conscious effort.

As a result, within even a session or two, people feel better. People who feel better, heal better. Our world is going to need some healing following this pandemic – why not get started now?

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