When you think about the thoughts and ideas that fill your mind, you might consider how they are like hitch hikers. You're cruising along, enjoying your day, or just feeling neutral about life, and then, up ahead, appears a particular thought.

Do you slow down automatically, preparing to give that idea a ride? Are you like the scheduled bus that stops at every passenger and allows them to board? Or do you assess that hitch hiker, asking yourself if it is helpful or healthy to take it on?

You have the power to choose which thoughts and consequently, which emotions, you experience when you see them on the highway of life. You can pick them up and carry them for a while, stopping and dropping them off again. You can keep them traveling with you indefinitely, feeling the benefit of the positive and healthy ones and suffering from the toxic ones.

It doesn't take long for a negative idea to become entrenched, slouching in the back seat of your mind and while you may soon lose awareness of that misbehaving passenger, its hurtful influence is constantly undermining you. After enough time, you will no longer be the one steering your own life!

If you do notice a particular attitude or mindset that is wearing out its welcome in your mind, just pull over and let it go! Choose an updated, goal-oriented idea that is more congruent for who you wish to be and where you want to go.