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My clients teach me

Posted by Kelley Woods on Sunday, June 26, 2016, In : Pain 

I love my clients...all of them; I appreciate their unique personalities and problems...each and every one. But sometimes, one particular person enters our life who is very special, who almost makes me feel like I should be the one paying them!

Today I had the joy of working with such a client; a spry 85 yr old woman who sought me out for pain relief. In recent years, due to an increase in deaths due to prescription drug overdose, the powers-that-be have imposed restrictions on pain med us...

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Pace Away Pain!

Posted by Kelley Woods on Tuesday, August 28, 2012, In : Pain 

Pace Away Pain by Kelley T. Woods 

The act of walking is therapeutic in itself; activating muscles and engaging in physical motion encourages the release of those feel-good chemicals that can help reduce the suffering of pain. Walking helps one pay attention to breath, reminding you to breathe fully and calmly.


As a student of karate, my feet take a beating. We work out on a wooden floor, barefoot. One day my feet were aching and cramping, making it very difficult to move through the ...

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